Reverse Bellennium

Reverse Bellennium 1.0

Classic fun in this ancient game on your PDA

Reverse is a perfect modern realization of a gameplay, which has become popular from ancient times. This game was first played in Ancient China and then appeared in European countries and America. The rules of the game are extremely simple and players won't meet any difficulties while playing this game. At the beginning four chips are there on the game field. Then players (one of them is a computer) place their chips on the board. If there are some enemy chips between player's ones, enemy chips turn over and become his ones. Wins that who has more chips on the board.

Reverse game features include:

  • Classical ancient gameplay realized with modern opportunities
  • Amazing time-killing application for Pocket PC devices
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Great design and advanced graphics effects
  • Sound effects
  • Great AI will keep game interesting
  • High Scores table
  • Thoroughly tested

A fun and surprisingly exciting game for your Pocket PC.

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Reverse Bellennium


Reverse Bellennium 1.0

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